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We Gave Away Our Stuff, To Gain Our Lives

There are a lot of people out there that are traveling in their RV.  Everyone that I have talked to about going full time in their RV has a different story to tell as to why or how they came to this lifestyle.  Our story started in the Bay Area in California.  I was an Executive Assistant for C-level executives at a company that has offices throughout the United States.  John was a Dialysis Technician for an outpatient dialysis clinic and had 10 years of experience under his belt.

Our apartment was so pretty.  It had granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.  There was a beautiful balcony, and it had a garage for John's VW stuff.  The complex was resort style living and had several upscale amenities, including a coffee bar.  BUT, it was expensive.  It was if we were working to pay the rent, and to make others rich.

In August 2017 we went on an anniversary trip to the Sequoia National Park.  We joked about quitting our jobs, purchasing an RV, and traveling with our children.  We didn't have any intentions of actually doing it.  When we got back home I started looking at trailers.  I was impressed at how nice they actually were!  I checked out all of the different layouts and prices.

We were out with the family and I knew there was an RV dealer near by.  I convinced John that we should stop in and look around.  When we saw the bunkhouse model we were sold!  Even though we did not have a truck, we decided to purchase the RV and give 30 days notice on our apartment.

WE HAD SO MUCH STUFF!!  I don't know how we sorted through all of it in 30 days!  We sold and donated most of it.  I don't miss any of it.  It was just unimportant clutter.

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Our RV in Santa Cruz, CA

We moved into the trailer in November 2017.  We brought clothes and four boxes into the trailer.  Living in a tiny house you continually have to purge.  I often ask myself, "Do I NEED this?"  The answer is often, No!

I feel that since we have made this change we have released the hold that material items had on our lives.  Instead, we spend time with the ones we love.  The memories that we're creating will last a lifetime!

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