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I Thought RV Traveling Would Be Lonely

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Before we started this journey, I thought RV life was for retirees.  When we purchased our trailer I didn't think that we would meet other young couples, or other families.  We lived in our trailer full time and jumped from park to park for about three months in the Bay Area, CA.  Yes there were retirees, but I started to notice other families as well.  In fact, some of those families were quite large with 5-6 kiddos.

Kids are like magnets.  They are drawn to each other.  So naturally, we meet the parents and hang out.  Since we have left the Bay Area, we have met a new family at every RV park we have stayed at.  I love this!  I love randomly meeting new people and keeping in touch on social media.

There is a really big nomadic movement happening right now.  I would have never known this is a thing, but we stumbled upon it.  The younger (non-retired) generation is increasingly giving up their brick and mortar homes for a lifestyle of freedom.  They are finding jobs online and hitting the road.

This is great news for us!  It means that there's going to be more and more young people for us to hang out with at the RV parks.  I just think it's interesting that I had a certain perception of what my experience was going to be, and it ended up being something completely different.  Now, I am looking to the future with anticipation and excitement because I now realize that we are a part of a community.

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