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How to Hook Up Your RV in 10 Easy Steps

When we first started full time RVing, we didn't have a truck.  So we didn't have the luxury of having someone at the RV dealership show us how to hook up our trailer.  After we purchased our truck, we had to look on YouTube to figure it all out.  So here it is, our gift to you:  How to hook up your travel trailer in 10 easy steps, and our own YouTube video.  Hope it helps!

  1. Make sure your pop outs are in.
  2. Make sure your stabilizers are up.
  3. Always make sure you have wheel chocks in place when you are hooking up and unhooking your trailer!!
  4. Open the latch on the trailer tongue and lower your trailer until the tongue makes contact with the hitch.
  5. Weight distribution bars
    1. Pop them into the hitch and let them hang
    2. Hook the chain on the trailer and clip them in
  6. Lower the trailer by raising up the jack
    1. *make sure you remove the wheel chocks
    2. *don't bring up the jack too high!!
  7. Sway Bar
    1. One end connects to the truck's hitch, and the other connects to the trailer
    2. Insert clips on each end
    3. **sway bars can be noisy when you're driving
  8.  Hooks
    1. Take the hooks that are on chains and connect them to the truck
  9. Plug in the trailer break light into your truck
  10. Trailer break away cable
    1. Wrap around somewhere fixed on the truck and then clip it onto the trailer

That's it!  Easy peasy!  Please let us know if we missed anything on the "How to hook up your travel trailer in 10 steps" checklist.

Our YouTube video on how to hook up your travel trailer is embedded below.  Leave a comment if you have any questions, or if you have a crazy trailer story!

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