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DIY Camp Sign – So Your Guests Can Find You at the RV Park

We occasionally have visitors at the RV park.  It seems like it is always difficult for them to find us.  So I decided that we needed a camp sign that would help us stand out.

I purchased general supplies for my project from Joann's.  I could have gotten these from Michael's or Home Depot, but when I went into the store I fell in love with the shape of the sign.  Click here for store information and locations.

I painted the sign black, and used the stencils for the lettering.  It was not as easy as I thought it would be.  I used too much paint and the stencil became glued, and the paint ran so the lettering was not perfect.  So I had to go back and fix the letters.

I was only going to put text on it, but it looked really plain.  So I decided it needed something more.  It took me a couple days to decide on what I should paint.  I basically just Googled some ideas for inspiration, and came up with something original.

My husband purchased the mounting hardware and a solar spotlight which completed the project.  It's not perfect, but we love it!

Please tell us what you think in the comments!  Do you have any camp sign ideas of your own?

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