A family of 5.

Large family, tiny house.  Our lives are busy, and loud.  We have had to purge a lot of our belongings, and learn how to be organized.

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Home on Wheels

We're full-timers.  We definitely love the freedom this lifestyle affords.

We'll never look back!

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Adventurous Spirit

We seek adrenaline pumping activities.  We try to be outdoors as much as possible.  Our current hobby is riding dirt bikes.

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Our Rigg...

We purchased a 2017 Springdale 303 bunkhouse.  It is 32 feet long and has two pop outs.  There are two bedrooms, one on each end of the trailer.  The bunkhouse is the reason we specifically wanted this model.  When you walk into the bunkhouse room the bunk bed is on the right.  The lower bed is modular.  You can arrange it into a day bed, single bed, or a full bed!  It conveniently faces the entertainment center, which is on the left hand side of the room.  The third bed is set up on top of the entertainment center.  There definitely are nicer RVs out there, but our family fits comfortably in this one!

When we first purchased the trailer, we didn't have anything to pull it with.  We paid $100 for the dealership to drop it off at the park.  We kicked around the idea of keeping it in the same spot, but the rent was a little steep.  Plus, I had this vision of us visiting different places every weekend.

We decided that purchasing a truck to tow with was in line with our family's adventurous spirit.  We ended up with a Ford F250 Super Duty!  It can pull up to 15,000 pounds from the hitch.  Eventually we will get a gooseneck.  Our truck can pull up to 30,000 lbs. from the 5th wheel hitch.  We LOVE our truck!  Luckily, we ended up with a good setup.  The truck and trailer compliment each other well.

It was overwhelming when we moved in, because there was so much to learn.  It seems that everyone in the RV community is friendly, and didn't mind answering our newbie questions.  We look forward to sharing what we have learned, and our lives with you!

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